Particle size reduction

Microfluidics processors with fixed geometry pressure chambers for uniform droplet size.

Particle size reduction/Micronisation/Homogenisation/Fluidisation (to nano level)

When developing nano and micro emulsions, dispersions and cell ruptures. Homogenisation (bacteria) and processing liposomes within biotechnology. Also nanocellulose etc. We can guarantee stable emulsions and dispersions compared to results achieved  with more conventional methods that is  homogenisators.
Fluidizers (chambers including micro channels, no moving parts) develop high pressures (upto 2000 bar) and high velocities and shear forces. We call this constant pressure  systems- the whole batch will be processed with the chosen pressure and this will also guarantee scale-up later on for production volumes.
Many different types of Fluidizers for laboratory, pilot and production available. Also cGMP versions.
Pressure chambers are configured according to client application.

Masuko mills for effective grinding.

Masuko grinders for micro level grinding.

Antibacterial (non-porous) ceramic grinding stones guarantee a high quality end product. For wet and dry grinding. Very large application area with over 150 different types of grinding stones. For food and chemical industry.

Newest application areas are within micro-cellulose and production of various composite materials.


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