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Bergius will from now on also represent ESCO-Labor AGs laboratory and pilot plant systems in the Nordic territory. ESCO-Labor AG is placed in the Basel area of Switzerland where they design and manufacture “state of the art” systems for blending and dispersing.

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Especially for difficult mixing tasks of high value products in pharma, cosmetic and food industries. Systems are for heating/cooling, pressure/vacuum and temperature/pH control. Software for process monitoring, torque control, data-logging is also available.
We offer the systems with ESCO controls and anchor scrapers and with Ystral dispersers in volume range from 1 – 20 lit. including jacked glass vessels. Bigger volumes up to 400 lit. is made in stainless steel.
All designed and manufactured according to GMP guidelines. You can download more product info by clicking here or please feel free to contact for further info or request for quotation.

One thought on “Labmixers – all ESCO ranges

  1. Hej,

    Jag är intresserad av en omrörare för ett viskös produkt (läkemedel),ca 200 cp där några av excipienterna är svårlösliga och där är ett stort behov för kraftig omrörning.

    Mvh Maria


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