New biopharma Microfluidizer for pilot production of clinical and cGMP batches.

MaskinMicrofluidics International Corporation is pleased to announce the commercial release of the new M815 Pilot Scale MicrofluidizerTM. The M815 biopharma series processor offers the same high level of performance, quality and reliability that MicrofluidizerTM customers have come to expect, while improving on the value-added benefits and competitive positioning in the market.
Unique value-added customer benefits of the new M815 MicrofluidizerTM includes the following:
–  Offers a flow rate of 1 – 1.2LPM, which is required for 100L clinical batches, and is ideal for 100L bio-reactors.
–  Supports installation in problematic facilities due to compact design and mobility on casters.
– Has small batch capability; handles a minimum sample size of 200ml.
– Monitors key process parameters with local display, with the option of CFR Part 11-compliant data acquisition and re-transmission.
–  Facilitates non-destructive processing of heat-sensitive materials.
–  Has cost-effective production capability.
–  Assures batch-to-batch process repeatability.
–  Includes a complete document turnover package for validation support, including IQ/OQ, material certifications and calibrations.

Download the new M815 brochure!

New sales engineer in Stockholm


We are happy to announce that Bergius have employed a new sales engineer and will strengthen the sales and customer support carried out from our Stockholm/Lidingö office.

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Karl Sievert to our team and in the beginning he will be responsible for mid Sweden areas. “Kalle” has both sales and automation experience from former work at Vattenfall and AF-consult. He starts this week and can now be contacted at following addresses:

e-mail: Telephone: dir +46 (0)8 7315801 mobile +46 (0)76 1334043

Labmixers – all ESCO ranges

Bergius will from now on also represent ESCO-Labor AGs laboratory and pilot plant systems in the Nordic territory. ESCO-Labor AG is placed in the Basel area of Switzerland where they design and manufacture “state of the art” systems for blending and dispersing.

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Especially for difficult mixing tasks of high value products in pharma, cosmetic and food industries. Systems are for heating/cooling, pressure/vacuum and temperature/pH control. Software for process monitoring, torque control, data-logging is also available.
We offer the systems with ESCO controls and anchor scrapers and with Ystral dispersers in volume range from 1 – 20 lit. including jacked glass vessels. Bigger volumes up to 400 lit. is made in stainless steel.
All designed and manufactured according to GMP guidelines. You can download more product info by clicking here or please feel free to contact for further info or request for quotation.

Workshop at SP Chemistry

Welcome to a workshop 29 September on preparing emulsions and suspensions with a focus on the microfluidizer technique. Final date to register: 8 September

A workshop on preparing emulsions and suspensions with a focus on the microfluidizer technique. Organized by SP Chemistry, Materials and Surfaces in collaboration with Bergius and Microfluidics. Speakers from SP and Christina Schneider, Microfluidics, Germany.

Download invitation with program as pdf here.
Register here no later than September 8th. 

Bergius expands in Finland

Most of machines that we offer will now also be represented by us in Finland. To provide better access for our Finnish customers, we have open a sales office in Helsinki. Kim Jarlas who has a solid background in sales of process equipment is responsible for the Finnish market. You can reach Kim at the following addresses.

Bergius Trading AB Filial i Finland,
PL 124 FI-000181 Helsinki
tel. +358 (0)40 5403439

Lightnin presents new S-series

Several customers in Sweden have purchased and installed the new S-Series with successful results.

The agitators are made completely in stainless steel with stainless steel motors drives, shafts and impellers. Short delivery times offered because the drives, shafts and bushings are structured as a modular system.

You can choose different impellers, welded or standard, depending on sanitary requirements.

New mixer from Winkworth

From Winkworth Mixers Company in England, we have the pleasure to present mixing equipment for high viscosity products.

Winkworth has since 1924 been developing and manufacturing process equipment for mixing of powders, granules, melts, pastes and similar products that are difficult to mix. They have a wide variety of mixers and blenders where even vacuum dryers and tanks are included in the range. Now it is the high viscosity mixers and powder mixers we like to introduce, like the Z-mixer and the double cone blenders. Many times, a product is not fluent and then not pumpable. The machine’s container is then chosen to tilt and tip out the finish product. Even opening bottom hatches occur. Do not hesitate to ask us if your product can behave more like stiff paste than liquid and we will help you find a mixer for your product.

All Winkworth mixers are CE marked, manufactured to ISO 9001 and are available for ATEX environment when desired. Check out if you would like to find more to read about the mixers.